Monday, June 6, 2011

Captured In The Moment!

Elle and Jadon will do anything for their mom. They have been so in love with her since the first time they felt her heart beat inside the womb. Michelle does an amazing job at playing with them, so I can understand why they are sucking up every last moment they can with her, before their new baby brother arrives.

I was so happy when Michelle decided to have me come to her house for pictures. Their house is beautiful with the best natural light a photographer could ever ask for. We spent time just hanging out and playing with the kids, and I couldn't have wished for a better shoot. My all time favorite photos are the ones captured in the moment, and this was what the session was all about. They are simply amazing and timeless. A moment this family will never be able to have again, but will be able to cherish forever! Through the simple click of that shutter button, they have this moment to hold onto for the rest of their lives!

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Amanda Turnbaugh said...

I see precious Father's day pics ;)